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Los Angeles based Aerial Drone Video and Photography Services in the heart of Hollywood. We offer a unique service specializing in aerial cinematography through radio controlled multirotor aircraft, which gives us & the client almost unlimited options for unique angles and camera movement without the expense and limtaions of full size helicopters. What sets us apart from other companies is our expenience, extensive knowledge, engineering, piloting skills and the ability to fly all types of cinematic cameras. As professionals we work closely with our clients in capturing dynamic aerial imagery.


Aerial Cinematography
The best way to instantly increase the production value of any film project is with aerial cinematography. We utilize multirotors with on-board camera 3 axis stabilization and brushless gimbal systems. Our copter's can easily handle the weight of most DSLR's to the Red Epic. We currently fly with Panisonic GH4, Canon DSLR's, Sony A7S, Red Epic, Red Dragon and the X5 cameras. Establishing shots, reveals, elevator shots, chase scenes and more can all be captured in full 4k or 6K EPIC footage. Any filmmaker or video producer with an eye for aesthetics knows what aerial cinematography shots add to the look of the film.


Skyecam News

January 25, 2016

aerial cinematography

Princess Cruises - Commercial
Traveling on the Princess Cruise Ship flying over the open ocean for the new 2016 Commercial. Destination Mexico

December 24, 2015

aerial photography Los Angeles

BMW - Happier Holiday Commercial
Re-released this holiday season. Catch our aerial clips from BMW's happier holiday commercial on national TV.

November 1, 2015

Drone operator in Los Angeles

BMW - Alex Honnald & Jimmy Chin
BMW X1 Commercial featuring professional rock climber Alex Honnold & Jimmy Chin. Coming soon

October 11, 2015

drone services Los Angeles

Travel Channel
"America's Secret Swimming Holes". One hour special on the Travel Channel. Working closely with LMNO Productions

September 7, 2015

LA Drone

Natiowide Commercial
Working on the latest Natiowide National Commercial featuring our Hexacopter Drone as delivery Package.

August 1, 2015

FAA 333

Nat Geo - Yukon River Run
Our journey in Alaska. "Yukon River Run" New series premieres Monday's 9/8c National Geographic Channel.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
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Aerial Photography

We can capture Aerial Photographs

Our multirotors are capable of capturing photographs from any angle from above in any distance from the object to get the birds-eye-view that would be impossible for any photographer to get.


Resorts, Property Development, Real Estate, Landscapes, Industral, Agriculture, Farming, Solar, Mapping, Sports etc

Mapping Solutions

Mapping & Photogrammetry

• Inspections

• Surveying

• Archeological sites

• Commercial Development

• Mining applications

• Solar

• Natural Resources Management

• Agricultural inspections through NDVIs