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Los Angeles based Aerial Video and Photography Services in the heart of Hollywood. We offer a unique service specializing in aerial cinematography through radio controlled Drones, which gives us & the client almost unlimited options for unique angles and camera movement without the expense and limtaions of hiring full size helicopters. What sets us apart from other companies is our professionalism working closely with our clients and our extensive knowledge and expenience in this industry. We have the ability to fly Long-Range distances (miles) as well as Close-Range. We have an intense background in engineering and piloting UAV, Drones, RC Planes, Helicopters, and Turbine Jets. So we know how to fly much differently than your average Drone pilot. Our setups are quick and reliable and can be ready to fly within minutes upon arrival.


Aerial Cinematography
The best way to instantly increase the production value of any film project is with aerial cinematography. We utilize multirotors with on-board camera 3 axis stabilization and brushless gimbal systems. Our copter's can easily handle the weight of the Red Epic to a compact GoPro. We currently fly with Canon 5D, 7D, T5i, C300, Panisonic GH4, Red Epic Dragon and GoPro Hero3 cameras. Establishing shots, reveals, elevator shots, chase scenes and more can all be captured in full 1080p or full 4k or 6K EPIC footage. Any filmmaker or video producer with an eye for aesthetics knows what helicopter shots add to the look of a film.


Skyecam News

September 13, 2014

rc aerial

National Geographic - Alaska
Working closely with Gurney Productions on location in Alaska, The Yukon River. Coming soon on Nat Geo.

August 1, 2014

rc aerial

Redwood Kings on Animal Planet

Our aerial cinematography featured on new reality TV show "Redwood Kings" Fridays on Animal Planet

July 12, 2014

rc aerial

Utah, Bonneville Salt Flats

Traveling to Utah to capture the worlds fastest vehicles 400mph Located at Bonneville Slat Flats with Ignition 3

Jun 30, 2014

rc aerial

BMW - New York City and Boston

Working closely with KBS Agency NYC aerial filming BMW for their 2014 marketing, commerical campaign.

May 15, 2014

Video Game High School Season 3
Octocopter RED EPIC filming all action scenes with pyrotechnics for Season 3 with Director Freddie Wong.

April 22, 2014

aerial drone

Banana Boat Commercial
Filming in Palm Springs for national commercial. Canon's 5D, 16mm-35mm f 2.8 Lens. Check out the commercial


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
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Aerial Photography

We can capture Aerial Photographs

Our multirotors are capable of capturing photographs from any angle from above in any distance from the object to get the birds-eye-view that would be impossible for any photographer to get.


Resorts, Property Development, Real Estate, Landscapes, Industral, Agriculture, Farming, Marketing, Print, Sports etc

Sales & Repair Service

We are highly experienced in building custom Drones.
No other company can match the experience, expertise, and practical knowledge we bring. From small scale photography quads to giant heavy lift octocopters we are experts in this field.