Our film permit requires FAA approval. How long does it take to get FAA approval?

We have the ability in getting approvals in 24hrs or less but it can depend on the location.

Our pilots have the option to operate under Section 333 or Part 107 of the FAA .

We submit and handle all FAA Paperwork, Pilot Certificate, UAS Registration, Plan of Activities (POA), Waivers etc..


Do you carry insurance?

Our UAS liability coverage is $3 million


Are you able to fly at Night?

Yes! We now have the Certificate of Waiver for Night Flights (ยง107.29)


How many people can operate the Drone?

Professionally you need 2 people for better dynamic shots - Drone Pilot & Camera Operator

but Single Operation is possible with our expert pilots using any of our Quadcopters.


What is the setup time?

10 to 30mins depending on the system


What is the maxium altitude and speed for most flights?

400ft or 400ft from any structure/ 60mph top speed


What is the flight time per battery and how many batteries do you bring?

10 to 30min average flight time depending on the aircraft / 10 batteries plus charging stations


Is it possible to fly indoors?

Yes with a smaller aircraft


Do you travel and have equipment travel cases?

Yes. Our setups are mobile and have protected cases


Do you bring a backup in case of an emergency, accidents or having trouble with the electronics?

All of our equipment is exceptionally and necessarily well maintained. We bring a backup unit ready to fly. We also bring spare parts of everything installed. We custom build all of our aerial platforms so we know how to trouble shoot efficiently. Inexperience operators will most likey be incapable to complete a job if they can't figure out the mechanical problems


Can we see the live video feed from what's actually being filmed from the sky?

Yes! We provide monitors and googles. We can also stream the live video feed on multiple monitors


What do you do if we get strong winds and rain?

Strong winds and rain are our biggest enemy. We don't fly over 30 mph winds or when it rains either. We will wait til the weather gets better or we just simply reschedule the shoot.

Safety is always first priority


Experience is everything to having successful flights. Fly Safe!