Hollywood Stuntman Eddie Braun's "Snake River jump" Stunt

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On Friday September 16, 2016 Eddie Braun has achieved his childhood dream, successfully jumping the Snake River Canyon located in Idaho in a small aircraft steam-powered custom built rocket. Accomplishing Evel Knievel's famous stunt that failed and setting a new Guinness World Record. Braun hit the take-off button and launched himself 2500ft over Snake River Canyon with a feeling of high-G acceleration speeds up to 400mph. Skyecam Drone Operator was there to capture the aerial prospective for an upcoming feature. Evel Knievel's rocket jump attempt in 1974 was a failure but Eddie's team had planned this crazy stunt for years. Eddie's team of Hollywood stunt co-ordinators, rocket scientists and engineers oversaw the event and built a historically accurate but much safer Rocket Jet. The name of his Jet is "Evel Spirit" complete with an American Flag parachute and hydraulic ram nosecone to soften the "lawn dart" style landing. Braun didn't manage to raise enough money to fund the jump so he used his own money to fund the jump around $1.5 million . This was his retirement stunt from his career as a Hollywood Stunt Man who was a lead stuntman on the "Rush Hour" movies with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.. Braun was determined to retire with a one last incredible stunt dedicated and inspired to his idiol Evel Knieval. On Friday September 16, 2016 at exactly 4pm with the perfect weather conditions at Snake River Canyon, Twin Falls, Idaho he lauches his Rocket Jet. In front of a pretty good size crowd mainly comprised of family, friends, rocket scientists and the Hollywood stunt community, Braun was strapped into the Evel Spirit as it sat on a steep launch ramp. There was little fanfare and no messing about. Rocket engineer Scott Truax gave a countdown from five, Eddie thumbed his launch button, and the rocket did its fearsome thing. Skyecam Drone Operator works closely with Brain Farm to capture this Epic Event. Catch the full story on CNN..


October 6, 2016