UAS Mapping Drones



Advanced Unmammed Aerial Systems & Services

• Precision Agriculture / NDVI, IR, Thermal, Early Detection

• Infrastructure Inspections / 3D Point Clouds / DSM's / 4K FMV

• Search & Rescue / Thermal / Zoom Cams

• Aerial Cartography / Mapping / Site Planning / Volumetrics

• Commercial Development / Real Estate / Pre-Visualization

• Processing & Evaluation of Data

• Countless other realtime & Post Processing Applications

By Blind Spots Content, LLC & Skyecam



Mapping Solutions

Do you need to measure volume extractions or stockpiles for the mining industry? Create index maps from multi-spectral sensors for the precision agriculture sector? Generate contour lines and manage environmental changes of natural resources? Produce maps and models for construction, cultural heritage, or archaeology sites? We can help…